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Azra Huskich was born in Zagreb (Croatia) on 8th October 1970. She spent her adolescence between studying and the competitive activity of Taekwon-do, achieving excellent results (black belt 1st DAN and twice national champion). Before the age of 20 she moved to Italy and began concentrating on calligraphy. She has studied the subject with Prof U. Fenocchio at the New Academy of Fine Arts and with some of the best known calligraphy teachers of our time, including Michael Sull, the former calligrapher at the White House. She has attended courses in both Italy and abroad and continues to carry out personal research on historical writings and on the medieval pictorial techniques of miniatures.

Increasingly fascinated by colours and artistic expression, Azra becomes interested in painting and in 2005 she invents a new technique which she later calls TUBISM.

Tubism is a pictorial technique of matter which consists in using colour directly from the tube forming different shapes with tips at a close distance, to compose a wide range of drawings.
In subsequent years Azra perfects TUBISM, creating her first works of art.

Mostra alla Galleria Spadarina di Piacenza -15/01/2010

Mostra Personale "Villa San Bono
" Ponte dell'Olio - 01/05/2010

Mostra Collettiva alla Galleria Spadarina di Pc
- 12/06/2010

Premio della Critica Concorso
Nazionale Spadarina - 27/06/2010

1°Biennale Internazionale di Lecce - 23/10/2010

Fiera di Carrara Giorni d'Arte - 09/04/2011